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For all you lovers of Tame Impala we have ‘Pond’, consisting of band members from tame impala and the silents. Below is the most popular track from their recently released album ‘frond’, have a listen! I really have nothing negative to say about this new album. Its hard to beleive such talent is still out there.

You will be missing out if you dont get to your local record store and get a copy of ‘frond’. But i have a feeling soon enough this bands success will be unavoidable

Also Check out their myspace page too for other tunes.


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This song is incredible. Anyone in perth australia should get to the gig these chaps are playing wednesday oct 13th 2010. listen to this song and youl know what im talking about.

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Coming from the second album that debuted at number one on the aria charts  “Down the Way” Angus and Julia Stone have held the high standard of songwriting that they set on their debut album “A Book Like This” back in 2007.

But a little more specifically the last track off of the new album is easily my favorite. A simple (sounding) guitar riff, intermixed with some soothing piano already created the groundwork for another one of Angus Stone’s creations that does nothing less than give you goosebumps.

I would recommend you purchase the album, but you can listen to The Devils’s Tears below.

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This being my first blog I thought I would try and talk about something that i feel hasnt been talked about enough, so here goes.

Parades, a band from Sydney Australia  consisting of only four members though perform live with several more I predict will soon be on every Australian music lovers minds.

I struggle to find the words to describe this band, its hard to relate them to anything ive heard before.. but when I hear their unique tunes its simply euphoric. The first song I had the pleasure of hearing  “Past Lives” took me to a place I cant describe, and almost took me to a place called hospital as I frantically tried to write it down the name of the song on paper while driving when it finished on the the radio (Triple j). The combination of vocals along with what sounds like some sort of horn or trumpet in the background backed up by a very unique drum line  is really what pulled me in, theres isnt a doubt in my mind this band will go far with their upcoming album “Foreign Tapes” which is due to be released April 23rd and can be pre ordered from JB Hi-Fi.

Past Lives can be listened to for free along with other great tracks at   http://www.myspace.com/parades

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