This song is incredible. Anyone in perth australia should get to the gig these chaps are playing wednesday oct 13th 2010. listen to this song and youl know what im talking about.


When i heard this tune the first time i had no clue it was going to have been put out by an aussie group, let alone a recently triple j unearthed type gig. Hopefully a sign of great things to come. Listen to this good shit.

Alls i know is these guys are from Melbourne and their music makes my wiener tingle, dig it.


Dance to this before ‘new wave’ gets old

Múm are an amazing Icelandic group who pack their songs with effects and off beats though keep everything melodic. Their latest album “Sing Along to Songs You Don’t Know” was released August last year but I have only recently gotten my own copy. The song below “Sing Along” is a sort of combination of folk/pop that then jumps to a light electronic sound that soothes and can distort being for a brief moment and let you run away with your imagination. This is one of my new favourite albums i would recommend getting a copy if you like the song below!!

múm – Sing Along

Apologies for not blogging for a while people. The latest tune i have been digging is from French electronic pop duo Air. it comes from their latest album ‘Love 2’ released october 09. Such an amazing album and this is an amazing song. If you dig the sound of this track definately grab a copy of Love 2.

Air – Heaven’s Light

The Sounds are a Swedish band from Helsingborg, though they sound American in their songs. I heard The Sounds for the first time in 2006 after the release of their second album “Dying to Say This to You”. Ego was the first song that took my fancy but the whole album grew on me pretty quickly. I was unfortunately too juvenile to see them perform when they wrapped up their promotional tour at the Parklife festival in 2007 and they haven’t mentioned Australia since!

For The Sounds third album, “Crossing The Rubicon” the band dropped all their producers and founded their own label, Arnioki Records, they spent all their own money recording the album and are supporting it with a world tour. Unfortunately that world tour hasn’t involved Australia at this point and from what i can see it looks like they aren’t going to show until at least after august.. if at all.

Below are two tracks, one from “Dying to Say This to You” and one from “Crossing The Rubicon” if you like these i would recommend purchasing both albums!

The Sounds – Ego

The Sounds – Midnight Sun